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We provide active holidays in Bali and the Dominican Republic, tailored to you and your groups needs.
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We provide adventure packed and active holidays to Bali and the Dominican Republic. Come see for yourself!


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Tone Oraini Selfors

Tone Oraini Selfors Bali - Indonesia Chief

Tone Oraini Selfors was born in Bali and raised in Norway. Her knowledge about Bali makes it easy for you to enjoy and take advantage of just being. Tone knows the tricks on how to do it.
Ayesha Jeanette Lovlimo

Ayesha Jeanette Lovlimo Dominican Republic Chief

Ayesha is a hands on make-it-happen person who will show you the best time in the Caribbean paradise Dominican Republic. Spending time with Ayesha is easy, she will make sure you smile and have a good time.

About Us

Wanderlust Dreamers travel the world in search of a home away from home, or maybe more importantly, a home within themselves.
That magical place that resonates through your being and fills you with a sense of peace and belonging.

The world is full of those wonderful places. You just have to find yours. We know because we`ve found ours and now we want to share them with you.

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